Rabies Advisory

The Hillsborough Health Department was recently informed that a small black and white cat found at 597 River Rd. on Friday, July 16, tested positive for rabies. Rabies is a virus that can affect any mammal, and is contagious to humans through a bite (most often), scratch, or open cut/mucous membrane exposure to the virus. The virus lives in the central nervous system fluid and saliva of the affected animal. This infective fluid must enter the host’s body through an opening put there by a bite, or  a scratch, an open cut, or mucous membrane (i.e. rubbing eyes after touching saliva).

Rabies is fatal unless treatment is given before symptoms begin. It was noted that the cat was unusually small and appeared to be a kitten. However, it was discovered that it had been nursing, so it may have had kittens. The property at 597 River Rd was checked and there were no kittens found. Please contact your physician immediately if you handled this animal and may have been exposed to the rabies virus as described above. Treatment must begin immediately, before symptoms begin or it will be fatal.  Also, please call The Health Department  at 908-369-5652 immediately. 

Rabies has been present in the wildlife population since 1989, and all of NJ is affected. Rabies can make animals appear unusually aggressive or friendly/passive. Please be absolutely sure all pets are currently vaccinated against rabies, do not leave pets unattended outdoors, and if you see a sick animal or a stray domestic animal, please contact Hillsborough’s animal control officers at Animal Control Solutions at 908-722-1271, or the Hillsborough Police at 908-369-4323.Please see the Hillsborough Township website:www.hillsborough-nj.org, departments, health, and “animal alley” for more information on rabies and animal health.