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Mayor Announces 2020 Road Paving Plan

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Phone:    908-369-3535 April 28, 2020

Mayor Announces 2020 Road Paving Plan 

Hillsborough Township moves forward with the 2020 road paving plan with the next phase of infrastructure improvements announced at Tuesday’s Township Committee meeting.  

Hillsborough Township bonded in late 2018 for and began the much needed infrastructure improvements last year.  

“We are continuing on with our road paving plan for 2020,” announced Mayor Doug Tomson.   

The list of roadways are as follows:

  1.       Andria Avenue (limit from Farm Road to Route 206)
  2.       Camplain Road (limit between Route 206 and Sunnymead Road)*
  3.       Hillsborough Road (limit between bypass and Willow Road)
  4.       Wertsville Road (limit between Montgomery Road and Township Boundary)
  5.       Brooks Boulevard (limit between Route 206 and St. Mary’s Byzantine Church)
  6.       East Mountain Rd (limit between Mountain View Rd to the Township Boundary)
  7.       Green Hills Development (PSE&G paving ½ width due to gas work that was completed)

* Camplain Road may need to be delayed due to work being done by PSE&G installing new gas mains.

“The above listing is what is planned for 2020 as a result of the evaluations and the 5 year plan maintained by the Township,” concluded Mayor Tomson.

In addition to paving, there will be several areas that will receive “high performance chip seal”.  High performance chip seal, essentially oil and chip, provide a stress absorbing membrane type of surface treatment which creates a highly durable wearing surface.  Furthermore, asphalt rubber (chip seal) reduces reflective cracking, waterproofs and seals cracks and imperfections of aging pavement, flexes with pavement in extreme temperature fluctuations, offers a more rapid construction allowing traffic to return to normal flows with less delay and is long lasting and cost effective.  

As part of the NJDEP mandates, Hillsborough Township’s stormwater catch basins will be retrofitted to meet the NJDEP requirements and which will contribute significantly to achieving the Township’s sustainability goals, enabling the Township to be certified at the Silver Level by Sustainable Jersey.   

About NJDEP:  NJDEP (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection) began a role to manage natural resources and solve pollution problems in 1970. In what started with about 1,400 employees in five divisions, NJDEP now has a staff of approximately 2,900 and is a leader in the country for its pollution prevention efforts and innovative environmental management strategies.

About NJDOT: The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is the agency responsible for transportation issues and policy in New Jersey, such as maintaining and operating the State's highway and public road system, planning and developing transportation policy and assisting with rail, freight and intermodal transportation issues. It is headed by the Commissioner of Transportation.