Hillsborough Township Health Advisory

Mayor Doug Tomson issued a Health Advisory on Friday, September 18th.  There have been several instances of probable test positives of COVID-19 occurring in Hillsborough Township.  The initial index case was at DC Gymnastics.  In certain circumstances the individuals are either asymptomatic or have very mild symptoms.  The individuals who have tested positive have also had contacts across other community activities.  

“Our Health Team is taking all the necessary precautions to protect our community,” reported Mayor Doug Tomson.  

The Hillsborough Township Health Officer and her team are contacting the individuals to conduct contact tracing.  If you receive a call from Hillsborough Township Health Department regarding your activities, please return their call promptly.  Your cooperation is extremely important.  If you have tested positive or if you receive a call from someone you know who has tested positive, please contact the Hillsborough Township Health Department immediately at 908-369-5652, Monday through Friday 8 am until 4:30 pm, or email during non-business hours to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“It is imperative that you provide accurate and complete information to our contact tracers so that we can protect all of our residents,” stated Hillsborough Township Health Officer, Siobhan Spano.

If you test positive, you can be contagious even if you do not have any symptoms.  Just as a reminder, all positive tests need to be reported to the Health Department.