Safety Tips for Pets and Humans

We will all be spending more time outdoors- so please do the following to be safe: 

  1. Make sure your pets are vaccinated against rabies. Rabies is a deadly virus and there is no cure once symptoms begin. Make sure your dogs are licensed, so that you receive a rabies vaccine reminder, and your dog is registered in the town, so that your information is immediately available if your pet is found. Please visit Animal Alley for more information about animal regulations in Hillsborough.

  2. Please make sure you clean up after your dog. Droppings carry diseases that are carried by flies. Rainwater washes feces into streams and causes pollution.

  3. Please keep your yard clean and free of objects that can hold even very small amounts of water.

  4. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in tiny amounts of stagnant water. Be aware of ways to prevent getting Lyme Disease from deer ticks.