What Are Easements?

Have you always wanted to know more about easements, what they are, and who maintains them?

An easement is defined as a right to cross or otherwise use someone else's land for a specified purpose.

Who maintains easements? Easements that are located on residential and commercial properties are the property owners' responsibility to maintain the surface area. This includes swales, drainage ditches, streams, etc. If the area where the easement is located needs attention due to down trees, silted, blocked or settled surfaces, the maintenance is handled by the private property owner. The Township does not own an easement on private property. The purpose of an easement is to allow access to underground utilities and/or drainage access from uphill areas. The utility company and/or the Township is only responsible for the underground piping and/or wiring. Easements also restrict property owners from altering or blocking these drainage flow easement areas.

For more information please see Township Code No. 232-20.  Additional questions pertaining to easements can be directed to Engineering or to DPW at 908-369-4313.