DPW Snow Removal Updates

The Public Works Department would like to thank all Hillsborough residents for taking the time to move their vehicles and trash bins out of the roadway before the recent snowstorm. Having a clear path for plowing snow is much safer and efficient for everyone involved.  

Please also note that when the roads are treated with de-icing agents such as salt, the results aren't always perfect. Use caution when driving as slippery spots could still exist. Winter events in Hillsborough are planned in advance by the DPW, especially in mobilizing and managing the necessary equipment and manpower to the specified routes.  DPW looks forward to providing the safest roads possible, especially during the winter as we take pride in the positive feedback we receive, especially from our own residents and residents of neighboring towns.   

As always, please continue to visit the Public Works page on the Hillsborough Township website for information on all DPW programs and services.