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Mayor Shawn Lipani and Hillsborough Township Update on Interactive Road Assessment

Earlier this year, representatives from Pennoni Associates, Inc. presented their findings from the 2022 Road Condition Assessment Study, a road study that was conducted in the latter part of 2021.  This study was an additional, third party, resource utilized to provide an impartial assessment of Township road conditions.  

“We are excited to announce the interactive road assessment tool is live on the Township website.  Visit the Engineering page on the Township website, and see the Hillsborough Road Analysis.  There you will find color coded Township roads, ranked by condition,” reported Mayor Shawn Lipani.  

“As indicated when we first approved the initial study,  this assessment will be used beginning in 2023 as another data point to prioritize the road paving plan for the Township,” added Mayor Shawn Lipani.

Pennoni Associates previously described the process of conducting the assessment, in which they drove Township owned or controlled roads, taking videos of the roads.  The video log was then run through a proprietary artificial intelligence platform called Roadway by RoadBotics.  This state of the art software then analyzed the video images of the existing road conditions and assigned a rating to them relative to a comprehensive database of numerous pavement distresses.  

Ultimately, this information will be utilized and areas for consideration will be categorized together to more effectively determine resources when designing the bid packages. 

“Over the past 5 years, including 2022, Hillsborough Township will have paved 39 Township roads, comprising 21.49 miles,” concluded Mayor Lipani.

It is important to note that as the NJDEP mandates, with each paving project,  Hillsborough Township’s stormwater catch basins will be retrofitted to meet the NJDEP requirements. This will contribute significantly to achieving the Township’s sustainability goals, enabling the Township to be certified at the Silver Level by Sustainable Jersey. 

About Pennoni:  Since its inception more than five decades ago, its clients trust Pennoni’s commitment to elevating the impact of projects. By partnering with their clients, they establish relationships that create trust and longevity. They approach the start of every project as the beginning of a collaboration.

With the rapid change in technology, clients know they are getting innovative methods in delivering quality services for smart, sustainable, and resilient solutions. They are relentless in their aim to bring fresh perspective and new technologies. Pennoni measures achievement in innovation, efficiency, and excellence. Their milestones are bigger than any one project; and every project affects the community, no matter how large or small. 

About NJDEP:  NJDEP (New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection) began a role to manage natural resources and solve pollution problems in 1970. In what started with about 1,400 employees in five divisions, NJDEP now has a staff of approximately 2,900 and is a leader in the country for its pollution prevention efforts and innovative environmental management strategies.

About NJDOT: The New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT) is the agency responsible for transportation issues and policy in New Jersey, such as maintaining and operating the State's highway and public road system, planning and developing transportation policy and assisting with rail, freight and intermodal transportation issues. It is headed by the Commissioner of Transportation. 

The Interactive Road Study is available on the Engineering Department's page