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379 South Branch Road
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379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Reduce/Reuse Household Waste in Hillsborough

While recycling is still extremely important, the most effective practices are aimed at reducing the amount of waste each of us create, and to find ways to reuse as much as possible.  Making new products requires more materials, energy, and money than reusing.  Finding ways to reduce and reuse is the best way to save natural resources, reduce the amount of material that is dumped in a landfill, and save money.  

There are numerous opportunities for all of us to consider, including:

  • Consuming less
  • Consuming wisely (examples include buying locally, purchasing second-hand items, purchasing items with minimal packaging, etc.)
  • Reusing or repurposing items we would normally discard
  • Swapping items with others, or donating items

Additional waste reduction strategies include:

  • Use Reusable bags as often as possible
  • Begin a Backyard Composting Program 
  • Adopt a “Cut and Leave it” policy when mowing your lawn 

For additional information regarding how to reduce and/or reuse, please see:

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