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379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Township Committee

Mayor Shawn Lipani

Mayor Shawn Lipani is a life-long resident of Hillsborough and has been active in the community for many years, serving on many Township Boards and Commissions. Mayor Lipani entered his first full term in January 2019. In his time on the Township Committee, Mayor Lipani has served as Liaison to various boards and commissions, including Board of Adjustment, Board of Fire Commissioners, Credit Card Advisory, Economic and Business Development, Ethical Standards Board, Planning Board, and Veterans. Previously, he has served as Chairman of the Planning Board, Economic and Business Development Commission and the Board of Adjustment. He is an active member of the Rotary Club of Hillsborough. A graduate of the University of Rochester majoring in Political Science and minoring in International Relations, Lipani co-manages Central Jersey Nurseries, a family-owned business in Hillsborough. Shawn resides with his wife Tara and daughter Anastazia.

Deputy Mayor Janine Erickson

Janine Erickson has lived in Hillsborough since 1993, where she and her husband Jeff have raised their three children. Janine earned her BA degree in Communications from Rutgers University. Leaving a career in finance, Janine stayed home for 19 years to raise her family. During this time, Janine stayed active volunteering in the community as well as assisting with the business side of a physical therapy practice that her husband co-owned. In 2017, Janine earned a position working in the Mayor and Township Administrator’s office where she enjoyed working with the various township departments and assisting residents. She moved onto her current position at the Somerset County Park Commission where she has gained valuable knowledge of county government. In 2018, Janine and her husband opened their own physical therapy practice in Piscataway, NJ where Janine oversees the finances of their business. 

Janine has been a member and Vice Chair of the Economic and Business Development Commission and a member of the Board of Adjustment. Janine participates on the the Opioid Task Force and was a member of the Task Force to Re-open Hillsborough in response to the COVID-19 shut down. Janine was recently appointed member of the committee to celebrate the  250 Year Anniversary of Hillsborough Township and looks forward to celebrating and honoring Hillsborough’s rich history.

Committeeman Robert Britting

Robert (Bob) Britting moved with his wife Kelly to Hillsborough to provide their children a safe environment that fostered a family first mindset. Bob and Kelly have three sons, Robert (Robbie), Christian and Grayson. Britting has worked as a senior business executive in the pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. He earned his Master’s degree in business from LaSalle University and a doctorate in Organizational Management, with a research focus on human behavior and micro/macroeconomics from Walden University.

Britting served on the Sustainable Hillsborough Steering Commission, the Hillsborough Environmental Commission and the Hillsborough Board of Adjustment prior to representing Hillsborough on the Township Committee. He brings a deep understanding of government, has significant private sector and financial acumen experience, is deeply engaged in the local community and is active as a youth sports coach.

Committeeman Frank DelCore

Frank DelCore has lived in Hillsborough since 2001 with his wife Renee, and their two daughters Rebecca and Kristin. He holds an MBA in Finance from Rutgers University Graduate School of Management, along with a BA Degree in Communications, also from Rutgers University. He is currently employed as the Chief Operating Officer for the law firm of Haley Guiliano, LLP, an Intellectual Property firm based in New York City.  He previously served as the North America Real Estate Leader and Project Finance lead for Nokia Corp in Murray Hill, NJ and as a Vice President for Fleet Bank in NJ.

Committeeman Doug Tomson

Doug Tomson was born and raised in Hillsborough. A graduate of Hillsborough High School, Committeeman Tomson received a BA in Political Science and Global and Multinational Studies from Rider University. He lives with his wife Rachel, and three daughters Sara, Hannah and Hailey. 

Committeeman Tomson was sworn into his first term on January 3, 2012. He has previously been the liaison to Agricultural Advisory Committee, Board of Education, Cable Advisory Committee, Board of Health, Local Assistance Board, Library Council, Recreation and Parks Commission, and the Youth Services Commission. Prior to his election, Douglas served on the Planning Board and Capital Planning Committee since 2008.

Upcoming Meetings

11 Oct
Township Committee Meeting
Date 10.11.2022 7:30 pm
25 Oct
Township Committee Meeting
10.25.2022 7:30 pm
9 Nov
Township Committee Meeting
11.09.2022 7:30 pm
13 Dec
Township Committee Meeting
12.13.2022 7:30 pm