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379 South Branch Road
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Township to Collect Scenic Photos for the 2025 Calendar

The theme for 2025 is “Hillsborough Township Parks”

Hillsborough Township is again working with Town Planner to produce a 2025 color-printed calendar that will be mailed to every residence in Hillsborough. As always, the Township calendar will be a collaborative effort with residents submitting photos.

This year, for the first time, there will be a theme: Hillsborough Township Parks. “Every year, we receive lovely pictures of the Sourlands, Duke Farms, the Neshanic Mill, and other local points of interest,” said Mayor Robert Britting. “We are adding a theme for the 2025 calendar to challenge photographers to capture the unique attributes of our picturesque Township parks.”

"We are extremely pleased to have our township parks as the main feature for the 2025 Township calendar. Our dedicated Parks crew led by John Crossen work tirelessly to make sure all our parks are enjoyed by all of our residents" said Bob Wagner Director of Parks, Recreation and Social Services.

Individuals interested in submitting photographs for consideration for the 2025 calendar can do so using the online form found on the Hillsborough Township website. Photographers are asked to take scenic photos only and to avoid including people and pets. Photographers should also be mindful of items that can obstruct the view such as windows, fences, and rooftops. Representation from every season is welcome and encouraged.

Each high-resolution 7” wide x 4.85”, 300 dpi photo should be saved using the photographer's first and last name and location.

Hillsborough Township parks include:

● Ann Van Middlesworth Park

● Country Classics Park

● Docherty Memorial Park

● Flagg Way Park

● Mike Merdinger Memorial Trails

● Municipal Playground

● Otto’s Farm Trails

● Singley Park

● Village Green Park

● Willow Road Complex

● Woodfield Park

A full listing of Hillsborough Township Parks and their amenities can be found at the Parks & Recreation Department website.

Calendar submissions are selected by Hillsborough Township employees, who vote on their favorite pictures. At the time of voting, employees don’t know who took each photo. Photographers whose pictures are chosen for the 2025 calendar will receive a Certificate of Appreciation from the Mayor which will be presented at a future Township Committee meeting.

The printing of the calendar is funded through the various advertisements contained within the calendar. “The Township planner and calendar promotes local businesses and services and highlights our local scenery,” added Mayor Britting. “The best part is that it comes at no cost to taxpayers”