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PSE&G Gas Project and Amsterdam Drive Repaving Updates

The PSE&G Gas projects are all complete on Hillsborough roadways. The only work left is on Route 206. All roadways that were affected by the new gas lines are being repaved at no cost to the Township. If the weather holds out, all roadways will be repaved by the end of the year. As of this date, the Meadowbrook Drive area, South Triangle Road, Lynn Court, Camplain Road, Old Camplain Road, and Triangle Road projects are complete. New Amwell Road and Valley Road should be completed soon. There is also some repair work on Meadowbrook Drive, Lynn Court, and Johanson Avenue that needs to be completed. Again, if the temperatures stay warm enough, this will be completed by year-end, if not completed in the spring.

Amsterdam Drive Phase 1 repaving is being held off until spring. The awarded contractor feels the temperatures are too cold to repave and redo concrete curb ramps. In addition, the Township received a $476,801 state grant for Phase 2. Plans for Phase 2 can be prepared during the winter months and bid in the spring so that Phases 1 and 2 could possibly be completed at the same time.