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379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Services Division

The Services Division is comprised of two bureaus; the Traffic Safety Bureau and the Training/Community Policing Bureau. The Services Division also has the task of managing the Department’s Internal Affairs function.

The Services Division is commanded by Lt. Jeremy Cuomo who reports to Captain Sean Carolan.  The staffing of the Services Division is as follows:

Sergeants 2
Corporals 1
Officers 3
Services Clerk 1
Crossing Guards         3


Traffic Safety Bureau

The safe and efficient flow of traffic has long been a concern in Hillsborough Township. Rt. 206, as well as the Somerset County roadways, carry high volume traffic within Hillsborough. In addition, there are approximately 250 miles of lower volume municipal roadways.

The Traffic Safety Bureau regularly monitors and surveys roadway and traffic conditions. It also responds to citizen complaints of traffic concerns such as frequent speeding on a particular roadway or the need for traffic calming devices. To multiply its effectiveness, the Traffic Safety Bureau utilizes various mechanical resources such as:

Variable Message Boards

Speed Display Trailers

Traffic Counters

Driver Feedback Signs

Training and Community Policing Bureau

This bureau coordinates all in-house and off-site training. Police officers in New Jersey are compelled by various mandates to receive periodic training in several critical/high liability areas including; the use of firearms, domestic violence, use of force, vehicle pursuits, de-escalation techniques and cultural diversity.

In addition to mandatory training, officers receive extensive training for career development and to ensure that we are providing the best possible services to our community.  Some of these supplemental training categories include; Crime Scene Processing, Community Policing Strategies, Accident Investigation and Conflict Resolution as well as supervision and leadership.

The Training/Community Policing Bureau also engages the public throughout the year to promote police-community relations and conducts safety and security presentations. Outreach contacts include; visiting preschools, career days, tours of headquarters and spending time with special needs community members. Educational contacts include; personal safety talks and reviews of public and private educational facility emergency response protocols.

The bureau also maintains a medication drop box in the police lobby where residents can safely dispose of unwanted medications.

Internal Affairs

The Services Division also manages the Department’s Internal Affairs function.  Please refer to the Citizen Complaint Information guide for additional information.

In addition to the above functions, The Services Division also is responsible for the following administrative Tasks:

Recovered Property Grant Management
Junk Motor Vehicle Titles      Alarm Processing
Wrecker Licensing NCIC/TAC Responsibilities
Amber Light Permits Extraneous Duty Management
Uniform Crime Reporting        Accreditation