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The Building Department administers the State Uniform Construction Code for all construction within the Township including the issuance of building permits for residential, commercial and industrial construction projects. This could range from a pool at a residential home to a new factory or warehouse type structure. One of the goals of this department is to assist in keeping the residents and visitors safe by verifying construction code compliance for all construction projects within the Township.

After plans have been reviewed, released and the necessary permits have been issued, inspections are performed to insure that all construction is in accordance with the New Jersey Uniform Construction Code and its adopted references. Once all approvals are obtained, Certificates of Approval or Certificates of Occupancy are issued by the Construction Official for the work completed. It is also the responsibility of the building department staff to issue violation notices and penalties if warranted. All these activities are recorded, tabulated and reported to the State Department of Community Affairs on a monthly basis.

When should you give final payment to your contractor?  Well, New Jersey State Dept. of Consumer Affairs Law 13:45A – 16.2 specifies that……. “final inspections are required before final payment is made to contractor”.  This declaration, printed on the reverse side of the Construction Permit Notice, applies to any scope of work no matter how small or large.  So not only does this law provide you with leverage to ensure the work is completed but also meets code requirements.

** NOTE: Please check first with the Zoning Department prior to applying for building permits

For permit status inquiries, please call 369-4313 ext 7165, 7166, 7204, or 7164.