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379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

379 South Branch Road
Hillsborough, NJ 08844

Road Maintenance

The Township of Hillsborough’s Public Works Department operates and maintains the infrastructure of the Township’s two hundred and fifty plus miles of roadway, maintains all municipal grounds and buildings and Township Open Space. The Department works closely with the Hillsborough Township Police Department in monitoring road and safety conditions in the Township and responding to emergencies as needed.

Hillsborough Township Roadways

Hillsborough Township Department of Public Works maintains all Township roadways. If you have a pothole or road repair request, please contact the office at 908-369-4313 prompt 6. The resurfacing of roadways is not determined by the Public Works Department. Road resurfacing is approved by a capital process and then scheduled into a five-year plan by Hillsborough Township Engineering. Should you have questions regarding road resurfacing, you may contact the Engineering Department at 908-369-4460 to see if it is on the five-year plan.

Residents are responsible for all maintenance of their property, which extends from their property line to the roadway (whether the curb meets the roadway or the grass meets the roadway). The driveway apron is the responsibility of the property owner which allows access to the public roadway.

Easements located between the roadway and the property allow the right to use and/or enter onto the real property of another without possessing it. The easement or right of way is still owned by the property owner and should be maintained as such.

Road Maintenance

To report an issue with a County or State roadway, please use the following links.


County Roadways

County roadways are maintained by Somerset County. If you would like to report a pothole that is on a county road please contact the Somerset County Road Department at 908-541-5021 or complete the webform at

  • CR 514 (Amwell Road)
  • CR 514 By-Pass (Somerset Courthouse Road)
  • CR 533 (Millstone River Road)
  • CR 608 Route 206 via Dukes Parkway
  • CR 625 (River Road) via South Branch Road, River Road, Lyman Street, Roycefield Road at River Road Intersection
  • CR 627 via New Center Road
  • CR 650 via Amwell Road, Amsterdam Road (Shilke Lane)
  • CR 667 via Elm Street, Maple Avenue, Pleasant Run Road
  • CR 677 via East Mountain Road

State Roadways

To report a pothole on a state road, please report it to or by calling 609-588-6212.